To whom it may concern

Bipolar disorder means sometimes I get lethargic and remorseful and other times I get insanely restless and irritable.  Most times I’m normal and on very rare occasions I have a psychotic breakdown and attack two police officers with a red stapler while in my underwear.  That was a long time ago, though.  Currently, I just work at a desk for 8 hours Monday through Friday and go to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu when I feel like it.  The two most important things in my life are my wife, Kelly, and our golden retriever, Cooper Joseph TKO.  I’m manic right now which means I get to be on an anti-psychotic called Olanzapine that puts a lead blanket on my brain and makes me insatiably hungry.  Yesterday, I ate an entire bag of sour worms from the dollar store by shoving a huge handful in my mouth.  By the time Kelly caught me, there were worms dangling out of my mouth.  I got a big headache after that.  Lithium does an okay job keeping me stable compared to the alternatives, but it’s slowly killing my kidneys.  I’ll have to go off it in a few years so I’m hoping I establish financial independence with this website by developing a fan following and then monetizing the shit out of them with ads and eBooks.  I’m manic right now so once that goes away I might stop giving a shit about this site.


One thought on “To whom it may concern

  1. This article was pretty good. I’m bipolar too and I sort of agree with what you say. Stay off the sugary snacks if you dont wanna get diabetes.


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